Modified Honda Civic EK 2010-07-20

Modified Honda Civic Ek 12

Make: Honda
Model: Civic EK

Dean Reddy's Modified Honda Civic EK

It’s a no brainer that these days there are car clubs popping up everywhere, from your local town chums to big national cruise sites. But, if you think about it, what’s the purpose of joining one?

Dean Reddy and his chums set up a little group called Honda Culture. As you’d expect, it’s about Hondas and the lifestyle that goes with them. What makes this bunch of lads different to the rest is that they’re all mates and all very passionate about Hondas.

Now these boys are not out to clean up at shows, no doubt they’ll do that too, but simply to enjoy the scene while also building some sick-ass Hondas.

Dean’s Civic is one of those, with killer presence, quality looks and power to match. The engine itself is the 1.6 VTi lump boasting a DC Sports 4-2-1 stainless steel manifold with a de-catted Buddyclub Spec 2 exhaust system giving it that distinctive Honda note with the throttle wide open.

Nothing about the car is over the top, but modified to be low key and to the point. For that reason the exterior has been kept simple, flowing from front to rear. After smoothing the front bumper, de-badgering and some simple colour coding, all Dean has done is add OEM Ek parts like the grille and rear lip plus a Spoon carbon spoiler to get things looking right. But what sets this car off the most though are the rather special wheels.

The 15-inch O.Z Turbo rims are normally found on VWs and are an usual choice for a Japanese motor, but seem to tuck in the arches perfectly. This was no fluke as the car has been lowered on D2 coilovers using Buddyclub camber arms and J’s Racing camber adjusters to get it sat
cock on. After stiffening the chassis with upper and lower strut braces Dean paid more attention to the interior.

Having had a full audio install, Dean decided to strip out the rear to be more performance orientated. The rear bench came out and the front seats were replaced with red Recaros from the Ek9 Type-R. As with most cars of a JDM nature, small original bits were replaced like the gear gaiter and rear view mirror.

The project is almost complete. Dean built the car for himself and he’s ended up with something that he and his club are proud of. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.

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