Modified Honda Civic EG

Modified Honda Civic Eg 11

Make: Honda
Model: Civic EG

Liam Elmore’s modified Honda Civic EG

If anyone remembers the 80’s film Weird Science, it was about two guys who wanted a hot date so bad they designed her on a poxy old computer. Then some fandango business from the gods happened and out of the cupboard appeared a girl so fine she quickly became the envy of all the other local lasses. Nearly 20 years on, we’ve now found the motoring remake of that moment.

Liam Elmore, or Elmo as he’s known to most, owns this absolutely badass modified Honda Civic, and in this perfect setting of coffee and doughnuts, I’m told the story of this epic build. It starts with his best pal Matthew Maitland thinking it would be a good idea to redesign Elmo’s Civic in the ever popular computer program Photoshop… (you can see where this is going). From pink wire wheels and lairy pinstripes to air ride and a headlight conversion, it wasn’t too long before it was time to make the magic happen for real.

Unfortunately it wasn’t as simple as pulling it out of a
cupboard, but it was as simple as leaving it in the capable hands of modifying gurus Xquisite automotive. The one-stop shop not only made Elmo’s dream a reality, they made it better – and then some. So much so this Brit built car wears the honour of a European master of Tuning award scooped on its first outing at 100% Tuning in Rotterdam just a few months back. Yet to be seen at any UK shows, we believe times are changing for the better, people. Custom is back, and for now Elmo and his Civic are definitely at the top of the game.

Top 5 Civic Mods
1. Pink Wires
Custom 18inch reversed laced wires in pink are a brave choice, but very well executed.

2. Silvia Lights
A pretty big job, but the S15 headlights look perfectly made for the Civic. At £350 quid per light from Japan, though, they’re not on the cheap side.

3. Xquisite Air Ride
The Xquisite X1 air-ride setup is one of the fastest bag setups we’ve seen. There are rumours that Elmo’s kit can go even lower too. Call Xquisite for a quote.

4. Sick Interior
Smoothed dash, mini headrests, lap belts, quilted seats and a whole heap of pink leather make this a pleasant place to be.

5. Hot Rod Pinstripe
Seen mostly on hot rods, it’s refreshing to see it coming over to the main UK car scene.

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